Four Kinds of Shoes You Should Own

Shoes are the vital part of anyone’s wardrobe, and there are some classic or basic items that always considered stylish. Not only can these kinds of shoes be paired with a range of clothing, but you can easily create shoe and outfit combinations without much hassle. Sometimes the right pair of shoes can make your fashion choices look much bolder or professional – depending on what look you are going for. Of course it won’t hurt to select at least one bold pair of shoes because you simply like it.

Black or Brown Boots
Whether you select a pair of ankle or knee-high boots, you really can’t wrong with the versatility that comes with wearing a pair. A simple outfit consisting of shirt and jeans can look more edgy or fashionable depending on the style of boots that you might select. Knee-high boots can also be paired well with skirts and dresses. A good pair of black boots need not even have high heels to make a statement – ideal especially during winter.

Ballet Flats of Varying Colours
Ballet flats still remain as popular as ever in numerous styles, colours and even with different embellishments. You will find simple single-coloured ballet pumps worn with more casually clothing, which is very comfortable as well. At the same time more glittery, colourful or printed options can be ideal to flatter a more simple outfit or can be worn for parties as well. Wearing ballet pumps are an ideal way to give your feet some rest and still look great, after wearing the heels you love so much. For something more stylish, you can even select pointed ballet flats as well.

Any Neutral Coloured Pumps
It is common to find at least one pair of high-heeled pumps in any woman’s wardrobe – especially classics like black or nude pumps which can compliment almost any outfit. Pointed pumps are also quite popular and can look rather sophisticated too. Shoe designers have come up with some gorgeous designs and still keep introducing unique styles of pumps.  At least have two or three pairs of pumps of neutral colours that you can combine with a variety of outfits for fancy or stylish events.

Strappy Stylish Sandals
A pair of shiny strappy high-heeled sandals can certainly make a fashionable outfit look much better than it is. You can pair up strappy sandals with most outfits and can be worn at parties or functions and create a more glamourous look too. Or you can enjoy flat, comfortable sandals in some simple stylish designs paired with your favorite casual outfits.

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