An Easy Guide To Selecting A Perfume

Wearing a favorite perfume can be a great confidence boost and simply make you feel great as well. But if you are a first time buyer or wish to buy a high end perfume, you can get bit over-whelmed by the many choices that are available. But it is important to take the time to enjoy the process of selecting new fragrances and take note of what kinds of scents meet your preferences.

What Are Your Preferences?
If you already have a perfume collection, you might be aware of what nature of scents you might enjoy. If you want to find a scent that expresses your personality and preferences, you can try something easy like taking an online perfum quiz – and use that as a guide when you go shopping.  Also consider when and where you will want to wear your perfume – for example, whether it is for daily wear or when you are casually hanging out or just for special occasions.

Perfume Concentration
Fragrances labeled eau de cologne usually last for a short time and will need regular applications. Typically fragrances that are labeled eau de toilette are affordable and easily available but will require applications throughout the day to maintain their fragrance. For more long lasting options, look for fragrances with a highesr concentration – that will be labeled either parfum or perfume. Perfumes or colognes with a higher concentration will also be much more expensive but can last an entire day, and fragrances labeled eau de parfum will last for six hours.

Selecting Fragrances You Like
You might notice that each fragrance will be described on what their notes are –such as floral, fresh, woody or oriental. For fresh or outdoor scents, something with citrus or clean notes might suit you better. Floral scents have a good variety with expressive or subtle scents to choose from often with spicy or fruity notes combined together, whereas oriental scents are much bolder and spicier with scents that stand out from the rest. Finally, woody notes are commonly found in men’s fragrances and have a noticeably cedar or musky scent.

Testing Fragrances
Perfume testing can be enjoyable – but avoid trying out more than six scents at time as it will cloud your sense of smell. You can first take a shallow inhale of the bottle instead of spraying it at once on your wrist or on the paper blotters. When spraying perfume on your wrist or the blotter, first let it dissolve and then smell the fragrance – you can even label the blotters you like and purchase them later.

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